Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Off the Loom: North Ronaldsay (seaweed-eating sheep) Handspun Yarn Scarf

Yesterday, I decided to weave a simple semi-open weave scarf from my handspun North Ronaldsay yarn. As I mentioned in previous posts, North Ronaldsay sheep (northernmost island in the Orkneys above Scotland) eat mostly seaweed instead of grass for their diet. Since they are a rare, conservation breed, I ordered as much roving as I could find (from Hearthside Fibers). This scarf project only took 62g of the 2-ply sport weight yarn that I spun several weeks ago.

This yarn wove up quickly, as I wanted a semi-open weave design to mimic a fishing net in honor of the wool's origins. It could be a little too scratchy for someone with wool sensitivity (North Ronaldsay is a double coated sheep), but it's fine for me. I think I will use future handspun yarn from this breed to make hats, gloves, etc. All in all, it turned out nicely. 

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