Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Intermediate Weaving Technique Classes Available


Already know the basics of rigid heddle loom weaving? Come take a private intermediate RH weaving class at our new location in Decatur, AL.

Intermediate Rigid Heddle Loom Weaving Classes available:

Log Cabin
Clasped Weft
Leno, Spanish, Brooks Bouquet Lace
Danish Medallions
Spaced Warp
& More!
Call 256.758.2192 or message me to schedule a private lesson!

Friday, January 15, 2021

2021 Weaving: Hand Dyed Cotton/Rayon Scarf in Blues, Greens, and Purples

U.S. Hand Dyed Cotton/Rayon Blend Scarf 

Now available for purchase in my Etsy Shop

2021 Dyeing: Turmeric Dyed Shibori-Style T-shirt Yarn

I've been naturally dyeing yarn/fiber/fabric with turmeric for over 5 years now. The range of yellows produced with this single root has always fascinated me.

For this project, I dyed some of my husband's old undershirts (t-shirts)--Shibori-style--and then let them sit in the dye pot around 24 hours. I kept the pot on low heat until bedtime and then I turned the heat off overnight. After rinsing them in cold water, I threw them into the washing machine (no detergent) and then into a high heat dryer until they were completely dry.

For a video of the finished t-shirts before they were cut into yarn, click here.

I cut up the shirts so I would have one continuous ball of yarn per shirt and then rolled them into balls. I'll probably weave a small bathroom rug out of the yarn when I get enough made. 

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Dyeing Yarn with Avocado Pits/Skins

 I’ve done a good bit of natural dyeing over the past 5 years, but not quite as much with avocados. So, I decided to dye some merino/angora yarn I had on hand using the skins and pits from two avocados.

I let the avocados simmer for about 12 hours, turned the heat off overnight, and then simmered them for another hour or so the next day.

I put two 50 gram skeins of merino/angora fingering weight yarn (undyed) into the dye bath after letting them soak for an hour or more in tepid water. They remained in the dye pot all day on low heat. I turned the heat off overnight and took them out in the morning.

I placed the pits/skins into another pot to see if I could extract more color…and now I’m dyeing two more 50 gram skeins of the same yarn as I write this. It’s amazing how much color can be extracted from only two avocado pits and skins.

I’m not going for a heavy saturation of color–just a pretty pinkish hue, so that’s why I’m using so few avocados. If I decide to do a larger batch of yarn in the future, I’ll probably try for a darker pink.

Two avocado pits/skins: darkest color, 3 hours on low heat

100 grams merino wool/angora fingering weight yarn after 24 hours in the dye pot

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Private Classes Now Available at EWHD Weaving Studio in Decatur, Alabama

 Now offering Private Classes Wednesday-Saturday at

EWHD Weaving Studio

Email or call 256.758.2192 for more details or to schedule a class.

Studio located at 719 Bank Street NE, Decatur, AL 35601


Coming Off the Loom: EWHD Weaving Reveal Reel

Friday, January 1, 2021

Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a very happy and productive 2021!  Want to learn a new craft this year? Ask about online & in-person fiber arts classes.