Monday, May 31, 2021

Beginner Knitting Class // Tuesday, June 15th


Beginner Knitting Class

Tuesday, June 15th 

6:30-8:30 pm

$30/student (all supplies included)

Learn the basics of knitting in this 2-hour class.

Space is limited; Registration required.

Register HERE

Location: EWHD Weaving Studio 

719 Bank Street NE, Unit 14

Decatur, AL 35601


Friday, May 7, 2021

Off the Loom: Gulf Coast Native Scarf (handspun yarn from raw fleece project)

First handwoven scarf from Gulf Coast Native raw fleece handspun yarn project.

This project took approx. 180 yards (67 grams) of handspun GCN yarn. It is very soft and has a lovely rustic texture. 

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Off the Loom: North Ronaldsay (seaweed-eating sheep) Handspun Yarn Scarf

Yesterday, I decided to weave a simple semi-open weave scarf from my handspun North Ronaldsay yarn. As I mentioned in previous posts, North Ronaldsay sheep (northernmost island in the Orkneys above Scotland) eat mostly seaweed instead of grass for their diet. Since they are a rare, conservation breed, I ordered as much roving as I could find (from Hearthside Fibers). This scarf project only took 62g of the 2-ply sport weight yarn that I spun several weeks ago.

This yarn wove up quickly, as I wanted a semi-open weave design to mimic a fishing net in honor of the wool's origins. It could be a little too scratchy for someone with wool sensitivity (North Ronaldsay is a double coated sheep), but it's fine for me. I think I will use future handspun yarn from this breed to make hats, gloves, etc. All in all, it turned out nicely. 

Monday, May 3, 2021

Fleece to Finished Object Workshop Series at Alchemy Farms (Hampton Cove, Alabama)

 🐑 We're partnering with Alchemy Farms in Hampton Cove, Alabama to bring you this workshop series where you'll learn to process a raw fleece by hand from the ground up...with fleeces from Gulf Coast Native sheep raised at Alchemy Farms.

4 Class Workshop Series:

Saturday, May 22 (11am-1pm)

Saturday, June 5 (11am-1pm)

Saturday, June 19 (11am-1pm)

Saturday, July 10 (11am-1pm)

$100/student for full series (includes all supplies)

👉Tickets can be found here

Call 256.758.2192 or email for more info