Thursday, August 23, 2018

Scarf Giveaway: Visit me on Facebook for a chance to win!

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Wednesday, August 22: 100% merino wool scarf #2

100% merino wool scarf in pastel colors. Scarf is handwoven with 2 skeins of Adriafil Knit Col yarn from Italy.

Tuesday, August 21: 100% Merino Wool Scarf #1

This 100% merino wool scarf was handwoven with Adriafil Knit Col yarn (2 skeins) in primary colored stripes (vertical and horizontal).

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Custom EWHD tags have arrived from England!

I was excited to receive the custom tags I ordered from JS Lasercraft in Canterbury, England. This is the second set of tags I've ordered from them and I've been very pleased with both orders.

new faux leather tags

New faux leather tags

First order of wood tags

Monday, August 20: Handpainted Merino Wool and Stellina Scarf in Yellow and Orange

Scarf made with custom handpainted merino wool and stellina blend from Lucca Dot Yarn (Sewanee, TN).

Now available on Etsy.

Saturday, August 18: "Victorian Violet" Beech Tree Fiber blend Scarf

"Victorian Violet" Beech Tree Fiber blend Scarf now available on Etsy

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Friday, August 10: Hand dyeing superwash merino in Sewanee, TN

This past Friday, I spent a little over 5 hours dyeing ten skeins of superwash merino wool in Sewanee, TN with my friend and mentor, Claire Cabe of Lucca Dot Yarn. These yarns will be used for upcoming weaving projects.