Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Our Etsy shop is live!!

Our handwoven items are now available through Etsy! Visit us at EWHandwovenDesigns. Scarves are added weekly.

Black and White Scarf....with fur texture

I finished this black/white textured scarf a couple of days ago and was pleased with the results. I never know how novelty yarns will hold up on the loom. Sometimes the tension is too much for them and I spend more time repairing broken warp threads. This one held up, however, to my great pleasure. 

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Black and White Scarf...with Sequins!

I'm on a black/white yarn kick, so I figured I'd add a little bling with this scarf. The warp is a hand dyed superwash merino wool from Round Mountain Fibers and the weft is an Italian wool blend variegated yarn with sequins (now discontinued). Available at Downtown Southern Sass Boutique or online.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Scarves now available at Downtown Southern Sass Boutique in Hartselle, Alabama

It's that time again! Cooler weather approaches and that means one thing: scarf weather! My newly woven scarves are now available at Downtown Southern Sass Boutique in Hartselle, Alabama. Scarves are added weekly, so stop by or call to see what's available.

Downtown Southern Sass Boutique is located at 213 Main Street W (Hartselle, AL) and their phone number is 256-754-5018.

Baby alpaca scarf, anyone?

I've had over a dozen skeins of Misti Alpaca Tui baby alpaca yarn sitting around for months now, so I finally decided to weave some up into a gloriously soft scarf. Because the alpaca yarn is too fragile to warp with, I used a super fine merino yarn for the warp. This particular scarf is available at Downtown Southern Sass Boutique in Hartselle, AL.

EWHD scarf post weaving process

EWHD @ Downtown Southern Sass Boutique

Novelty yarn weaving (the yarn no one wanted)

Digging through my (immense) yarn stash, I found several skeins of black/white and orange blend novelty yarns left over from my yarn shop's closing. No one wanted these yarns for knitting or crochet, but I've found them extremely useful for weaving. They add texture and interest to the average, plain woven scarf. The black/white scarf is SOLD, but the orange scarf will be available at Downtown Southern Sass Boutique (Hartselle, AL) this week.

Autumn Blanket Weaving

Autumn isn't officially here yet, but Hurricane Harvey and Irma brought cooler weather to Alabama, so I took full advantage of it and wove a blanket using Kraemer Perfection Worsted yarn. The colors were picked at random (I just used the yarn I had) and after three days of continuous weaving (and sewing), here are the results. (Blanket was woven on my Kromski Harp 24" loom)