Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Off the Wheel: Manx Laoghtan (Conservation Breed)

 I put down my raw fleeces for a bit to spin up some Manx Laoghtan top (Hearthside Fibers). I’ve been curious to try this particular wool after hearing great things about it from a few other spinners. And the natural brown color is amazing.

It was easy to spin and reminded me a great deal of Shetland wool, but it was a bit slick, so I had to really pay attention while I was spinning it. I have a tendency to watch TV while I’m spinning, but I had to focus all my attention on the wool with this one. (In the pictures, the spun yarn looked like a muted brown, but it’s actually more of a reddish brown).

78g yielded 139 yds of 2-ply worsted weight yarn. I bought 400g total, so I’ll be spinning up more in the future.

Here’s what the Fleece & Fiber Sourcebook says about this wool:

Origin: Isle of Man

Fleece weights: 3-5.5 pounds

Staple lengths: 2.5″-5″

Fiber diameters: 27-33 microns

Natural colors: Brown

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