Friday, January 15, 2021

2021 Dyeing: Turmeric Dyed Shibori-Style T-shirt Yarn

I've been naturally dyeing yarn/fiber/fabric with turmeric for over 5 years now. The range of yellows produced with this single root has always fascinated me.

For this project, I dyed some of my husband's old undershirts (t-shirts)--Shibori-style--and then let them sit in the dye pot around 24 hours. I kept the pot on low heat until bedtime and then I turned the heat off overnight. After rinsing them in cold water, I threw them into the washing machine (no detergent) and then into a high heat dryer until they were completely dry.

For a video of the finished t-shirts before they were cut into yarn, click here.

I cut up the shirts so I would have one continuous ball of yarn per shirt and then rolled them into balls. I'll probably weave a small bathroom rug out of the yarn when I get enough made. 

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